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Shincheonji Church Of Jesus Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak In South Korea

The secret cult Shincheonji Church of Jesus is believed to be linked to the Coronavirus outbreak in South Korea. Around 200 members of the secretive South Korean church continued to meet in the Chinese city amid rumours of virus, but ‘no one took [claims] seriously’ at first. Around half the Covid-19 cases in South Korea have been linked to members of the religious group.

Shincheonji Church Of Jesus Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak In South Korea
Shincheonji Church Of Jesus Linked To Coronavirus Outbreak In South Korea

Members of the Christian sect linked to a cluster of coronavirus cases in South Korea held meetings in Wuhan until December, only stopping when they realised that their community had been hit by Covid-19, the previously unknown disease caused by the virus.

The South China Morning Post has learned that the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the epidemic, has around 200 members, most of whom are currently under quarantine outside the city.

“Rumours about a virus began to circulate in November but no one took them seriously,” said one member, a 28-year-old kindergarten teacher.

“I was in Wuhan in December when our church suspended all gatherings as soon as we learned about [the coronavirus],” said the woman, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter.

She said the group was continuing to share sermons and teachings online, but most members had returned home at the start of the Lunar New Year holiday in late January.

The 250,000-member Shincheonji Church of Jesus is regarded by mainstream Christian groups as a secretive and unorthodox sect. Its founder, Lee Man-hee, has claimed that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Around half the Covid-19 infections in South Korea have been linked to a branch of the church in Daegu.

According to the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 977 confirmed cases as of Tuesday – the second highest number outside China – and 11 deaths.

Of the 84 new cases reported on Tuesday, over half were recorded in Daegu city.

A member of the church from Daegu reportedly visited China in January, and health officials in South Korea are investigating whether a cluster of infections in Cheongdo city is linked to a three-day funeral ceremony held at a local hospital.

Chinese sources said that the Shincheonji church has about 20,000 members in China – most of whom live in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Changchun and Shenyang.

One Christian pastor in Hubei province, who declined to be named, said that Shincheonji church members were hard-working and some continued to proselytise even during the outbreak.

The Wuhan kindergarten teacher said she was confident that the recent mass outbreaks in South Korea were not linked to Shincheonji church members from the city.

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“I don’t think the virus came from us because none of our brothers and sisters in Wuhan have been infected. I don’t know about members in other places but at least we are clean. None of us have reported sick,” she said.

Coronavirus Bioweapon - How China Stole Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It | GreatGameIndia

“There are so many Chinese travelling to South Korea, it’s quite unfair to pin [the disease] on us.”

She sidestepped questions on whether church members had travelled from Wuhan to South Korea after the outbreak.

The teacher said that in 2018 the Wuhan group’s “holy temple” in Hankou district had been raided by police “who branded us a cult”, but members continued to worship in small groups.

“We are aware of all the negative reporting out there after the outbreak in South Korea, but we do not want to defend ourselves in public because that will create trouble with the government,” she said. “We just want to get through the crisis first.”

Bill Zhang, a 33-year-old Shanghai resident and a former missionary with Shincheonji, said the group’s secretive nature made it hard for the authorities to effectively crackdown on its activities.

He said the Shanghai branch held its main meetings on Wednesdays and Saturdays, attracting 300 to 400 people at a time.

“The Shincheonji church in Shanghai has been raided many times and police spoke to church leaders regularly.

“But the church members simply continued their meetings in smaller groups of eight-to-10 people and regrouped when the surveillance was relaxed.”

Zhang continued: “Shincheonji holds that it is the only real church that upholds the biblical truth and all other churches – mainstream or cults – are evil.”

Mimi Lau for the South China Morning Post. For latest updates on the outbreak check out our Coronavirus Coverage.

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우한에 신천지 교회 있었나…"거기 우리 지교회 있는 곳"

이민재  / 기사승인 : 2020-02-26 21:46:53
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유튜버, 부산 지파장 설교 녹취록 입수했다며 의혹 제기

코로나19의 진원지로 알려진 중국 우한 지역에 소속 교회가 없다는 신천지예수교 증거장막성전(신천지)의 주장이 거짓이라는 의혹이 제기됐다.

유튜브 채널 '종말론사무소' 26 '신천지 지도부의 구속수사를 요청합니다'라는 영상을 통해 신천지 총회 산하 12지파 중 하나인 부산 야고보 지파장의 설교 녹취록을 입수했다고 주장했다.

녹취록에서 야고보 지파장으로 추정되는 인물은 9일 신천지 신도들을 대상으로 한 설교에서 "지금 우한 폐렴이 일어나고 있다거기가 우리 지교회가 있는 곳이다중국이 지금 보니까 700명이 넘게 죽었다확진자가 3만 명이 넘는다그 발원지가 우리 지교회가 있는 곳이라니까"라고 말했다.

▲ 중국 우한 지역에 소속 교회가 없다는 신천지의 주장이 거짓이라는 의혹을 제기됐다. [유튜버 '종말론연구소' 캡처]

이어 그가 "그런데 우리 성도는 한 명도 안 걸렸어"라고 말하자 신도들로 추정되는 이들은 '아멘'을 외치며 환호와 박수를 보냈다그는 "감사한 일이다우리가 딱 제대로 서 있으면신앙 가운데 믿음으로 제대로 서 있으면 하나님이 지켜주시고 보호해 주신다"고 주장했다.

신천지 측은 우한에 교회가 있고 이곳 신도들이 국내에 들어오면거 코로나19 감염이 확산한 것 아니냐는 의혹이 제기되자 우한에 지교회가 없다며 부인해 왔다.

또 신천지 측은 우한에 연락처 사무실이 있었으나 중국 공안에 의해 폐쇄되고 현재는 성도들만 있다고 주장했다.

앞서 신천지는 홈페이지를 통해 지난해 중국 우한에 교회를 설립했다고 공개했다가 논란이 커지자, "계획은 있었지만 우한에 교회를 설립한 적은 없다"고 설명하며 관련 내용을 삭제한 바 있다.

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[저작권자ⓒ UPI뉴스. 무단전재-재배포 금지]

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